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Bignone Apartment- AMSTERDAM


This apartment located in the heart of Amsterdam features bright colors and both classical and modern elements. It was of the utmost importance to our client to distribute the space in such a manner that the beautiful canal view could be seen from all the points, and that the apartment in general had a mixture of old and new

Her favorite furniture pieces, her sofa and her grandmother high-back armchairs were reupholstered and revitalized by the incredibly talented Sarah Doyer in velvety fabrics to match the art of the walls and bring the space together with an elegant and mysterious vibe. 

The beautiful large coffee table provided us with a rustic and yet modern atmosphere that is further integrated by our selection of wide oak plank parquet in a walnut finish in the entire apartment. The size of the table and the bright pink abstract painting behind the couch reflect each other's proportions balancing the room.

Golden items can be seen throughout the entire apartment allowing us to incorporate items like a beautiful barock standing mirror at the entrance, the mushroom lamp on the sideboards or the living room hanging lamp. One of out client's favorite items in the design.

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