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Airbnb Apartment-VIENNA 1030


This Airbnb Apartment in Vienna's third district was inspired in the living room painting.

The design concept is composed of designer items and IKEA pieces. It features a modern and elegant design with many gold accents. We paid important attention to the lightning throughout the apartment. The different lamps are in balance and harmony due to their connection in material a style.

It was very important to our clients to achieve a cozy and yet high-end atmosphere, where their guest would feel at home away from home.

The small details like the welcoming sign and the wall decor play a fundamental role in bringing the apartment together.

We wanted to create a different bedroom for our clients rather than the simple bed and nightstand combination. We achieved that through the wallpaper and the cabinets surrounding the bed, to give the impression of a built in sleeping area.

Our clients were over the moon with the results of the project.


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