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Why CX2?


Interior Design should be accessible and affordable to everyone, and this is a motto we truly live by at CX2.


Good interior Design doesn't necessarily need to cost a fortune or have famous designer furniture pieces in order to be great. That's why we want you to know that you can have incredible spaces using furniture, lightning and decorative items from very different affordable stores.


We will adjust to your specific budget to make your space special, original, great and functional.


AIRBNB Interior Design

from €38 (+ 20% MwSt)/m2

Pictures are everything when it comes to booking an AIRBNB. That's why interior design plays such an important roll. In this service we provide you with an amazing design concept that fits your budget and your target demographic.

This design concept includes:

Electronic moodboards, a rendered furniture plan for each room, elevations and sketches to help you visualize the design; as well as a shopping-aid Pinterest board and a detail shopping list/budget with all the items you need to make your AIRBNB look amazing


Interior Design Welcome Package for EXPATS

from 2000 Euros (+ 20% MwSt)/ whole package. (Price varies according to the services you want included)

Moving abroad can be an extremely nerve racking experience especially if you don't know the language. We know it because we have lived it ourselves. That's why we have created this Welcoming Package for Expats so that you can really feel at home away from home.

This package includes the following:

1. A furniture floor-plan. For this we need to have the general plan of the place you will be moving into and pictures and measurements of the furniture you are bringing. That way we can functionally  and aesthetically optimize the distribution of the furniture. In an ideal situation the furniture would come later and the floor plan would be given it to you before the moving company delivers and builds the furniture for you. But if your things are already here we can still give it to you so that you can rearrange it in its ideal position.

2. A Shopping List:  Most of the time you don't bring everything over and you have to buy things for your home. Especially home appliances that don't work with the same voltage. We know it is hard to know where to buy and if the prices are right. That's why we give you a detailed shopping list with everything you previously said you needed or wanted. This shopping list includes shop addresses, opening hours, foreseeable delivery times,  prices etc, so that you have a perfect and quick shopping experience.

3. One full day of VIP Interior Design services.  For one full day (8 working hours that can be split into different days) you will have our undivided attention for whatever you need relating Interior Design. For example, we can go shopping with you for special decorative items or come up with a list of ideas you can do to improve your new  home after analyzing and studying all the spaces of your house.

Each one of these 3 services can be provided alone according to your needs and their price can be negotiated.

Home Staging

from €38/m² + 20% MwSt

The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and for more money. Staging techniques focus on improving a property's appeal by transforming it into a welcoming, attractive product that anyone might want.


It is done by, painting, accessories, lights, greenery, and carpet to stage the home, to give potential buyers a more attractive first impression of the property.

Interior Redesign Consultation

from € 300 (+ 20% MwSt) | 3 Hours

Do you love all your things but can't make the room design feel complete?


With Interior Redesign we help you bring the room together by using the things you already own and by giving you small tips such as paint colors, suggestions of decorative items, paintings, and the rearrangement of your own furniture, etc.


By the end of the consultation you will have a Pinterest board that you can further use as a guideline.

Basic Design Concept

from € 37 (+ 20% MwSt) | m²

A basic Interior Design Concept is a general design in which the location, type and style of furniture is given to the client together with an atmosphere and color palette.


This service includes the first initial meeting in which we meet and analyze the space and hear your wishes, and a second final meeting in which we present to you the Basic Design Concept. This is done through pictures as examples and quick sketches or drawings.


The purpose of this service is to give you a Concept that you can further explore and develop on your own. The price for this service is calculated per m² .

Design Concept Plus

from €42 (+ 20% MwSt) | m²

A Full Interior Design Concept is a detailed design in which the location, type, style and specific furniture available in the market is given to the client together with an atmosphere, color palette and budget.


This service includes the first initial meeting in which we meet and analyze the space and hear your wishes, and a second final meeting in which we present to you the Full Design Concept which includes plans, mood-boards and a detailed budget that provides the final cost of the project.


The price for this service is calculated per m².

Project management

from €700 + % der Project Costs ( + 20% MwSt)

You've approved our "Design Concept Plus" and you are ready to get things rolling but can't spare the time to make it happen? You can hire our Project Management Services in which we take care of all the aspects of the project, like making appointments, buying items, programming deliveries, supervising external work like installations and such, until the entire project is completed.


The price of this service varies accordingly to the size of the project and it is calculated through a percentage of the total project expenses.

Supervision of external Work

from €80 (+20% MwSt) | Hour

Management and supervision of any work done at your home that costs less than 500 euros can be offered at an hourly rate of 80 euros/hour plus 15% of the cost of the Work. This means we buy the necessary materials for you, contact the specialist that will make the changes, arrange appointments and make sure that everything is done according to your wishes.


The costs of the materials and the cost of the hired labor are not included.

Seasonal Interior Decoration

from €80 (+20% MwSt) | Hour

If you want to impress your family an friends with impacting seasonal decorations in your home, we can help buy the things you need to set an amazing mood for your favorite holiday.

Online Interior Design Services

from €40 (+20% MwSt) / m²

You don't need to be in Austria to hire our services!


With our Online Interior Design Services all you need to do is fill in an online questionnaire and send us some basic information of the room you want to have designed via Internet.

An E-Design provides a comprehensive design concept for a room, includes an electronic mood-board, a furniture plan, online samples of suggested materials and finishes, as well as shopping lists for suggested accessories.

The price of the e-Interior Design services are calculated according to the room type and the size of the room.

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