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The CX2 Website is live!

I cannot believe this day has finally come. Mariajose and I have been working very hard for the past few weeks to get the website going. In the following weeks we will be slowly updating it and twitching it up until it is 100% complete. Please be patient with us. :)

Getting the Firm going has been a very long but very rewarding process and with everything we needed to do it has taken longer than what we expected. However, I am truly excited for this new chapter in my life and for the new projects we will be making. Once I have a little bit more time I promise I will write a bit more about them in a separate post.

I'd like to take a minute to thank everyone who has helped us to get to the point where we are today, you know who you are. We are incredibly blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people supporting us and wishing us the best. Without you nothing of this could have been possible.

Much love,


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