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The Eames Plastic Side Chair: Our Furniture Choice of the Week!!

Ana and I have been thinking about the dynamic we want our Blog to have and while we have a wide range of things in mind for it, we really think that it should be a more relaxed space where we talk about the furniture that we love and the projects we are working on. (More to come on that on our next post) :)

So without further due lets dive into today's post! Our furniture Post of the week!!!


Designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1950, the Eames side chair adjusts it self to and endless number of styles! It can be comfortable for hours, easy to maintain and incredibly versatile due to the number of variations it offers in colors and legs. The name of the chair changes slightly with the choice of legs you want, but the seat and the back design are consistent throughout the series, with a very simple, clean, ergonomical and curvilinear design.

This versatility allows interior designers like us to place them in

spaces with totally different styles and colors. For example, a white or black Eames chair with light wooden legs would fit perfectly in a scandinavian interior, but also in a very modern and simple style like purism. With a variation of metallic legs they can also be perfect for an industrial room.

The chairs can be acquired in a wide range of colors and have been incredibly popular throughout the decades, which is why some people call them vintage. The reality is that when a design is a master piece, it can stand the pass of time without becoming old-fashioned or obsolete. But it is rather incorporated in the new trends and considered a classic timeless piece.

That and the fact that they are light and don't occupy a lot of space make them perfect for dining rooms, schools and offices.

It is incredible to think that this chairs were first created almost 70 years ago!!! They still delight us now in the 21st century! I personally own two of these and I love them to death.

If you have kept with me throughout this post I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Let me know on the comment section if you love these chairs too!!!

Much love,

Mariajose <3

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