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The German version of the Website is up!!! THANK YOU!

Hi everyone!

2018 is going by incredibly fast. I can't believe it is already the end of January! It feels as though New Year's was just a week ago!

This new year has been incredibly kind to us. We are working on the design of 2 bathrooms, giving the final touches to a brand new living room and planning an entryway and an office!! (We will be sharing those with you in our nexts posts.)

While having projects to work on is important, it is also fundamental to us to reach out to the potential clients out there and to make the business grow as much as we can. That's why we have been working effortfully and around the clock to have our website in German up.

Today this important step was finally taken and you can finally explore our site on German!

We would like to use this post to thank all the people who made this possible for us.

Camilo, Herbert, Heidi, Margit, there are no words to say how blessed we are to have you in our lives. Thank you for your hard work, your amazing support and your endless patience. Without you none of this could have been possible.

Thank you,

Much Love,

Ana Maria & Mariajose

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