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Our Design Process: Modern Beautiful House in Klosterneuburg!

Happy Monday everyone! On our previous posts we talked about updates on the projects we have been working on. In this post we would like to share a house we are doing and show you a little bit about the process and how we ended up with the final product.


The first thing we do at CX2 is a moodboard where we present to our clients our concept, which entails our furniture selection and general idea of the room. It is important to mention that interior design is a cycling process that is continously evolving and changing, thats why the original design is usually altered and further developed with the feedback of our clients after the presentation.

In this particular project, almost all the main pieces remained but some of them were altered. For example, the reading lamp and the decorative ring light in the background were changed for the Louis Poulsen Aj lamp in black and a bigger and black version of the ring. The Ogi chair from Boconcept was discarded entirely because the client preferred a more opened space.


Once the client is happy with all the pieces we selected, the second phase of the project starts. Slowly one by one the pieces start coming to their place. It is important to note that the delivery times are different for each company and that at least here in Austria is usually from 6-12 weeks!

In the pictures below you will see that the living room ceiling lamp is not yet installed. Sometimes there are things out of our control. In this case the lamp provider had production problems and pushed back our delivery times 3 times due to ''production problems''. In the end we ended up cancelling the order after waiting 4 months, which set us back a lot and pushed back the finalization phase.

One of the privileges we have as interior designers is the trust and extra help from furniture stores. This allows us to borrow wallpaper example books, lamps and textiles without any cost. For example when selecting the decorative ring the store allowed us to take to the building site all sizes and colors of rings so that the client could have a first hand visual experience while making the final decision.


Designing Interiors is important for us not only because it is something that we love, but also because we know we are transforming a space someones really loves. We know everyone's home is special for them and that this interior has to be everything they want. That is why we have a very open communication channel with our clients, we visit them and show them renderings, pictures and explore their ideas together. We walk them through online shopping, search the web for things that could work and learn what they like and don't like to maximize the personalization

of the space.

Here are some other pictures of this project so you can have a sneak peek of what should be finished by the end of this winter!

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