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Industrial Interior Design & why we love it!

Welcome to this week's blog post!

We are back again with a post about one of our favorite interior design styles: Industrial Design. We will give you a very quick analysis and some tips to make it happen on your own. We also created an Pinterest board for you to explore these spaces. So without further due lets talk about industrial interior design!

How did industrial interior design start?

The origin of industrial interior design dates back to the 1940's in New York City and London. It was a time of economical hardship. The world was at war and the recession stroked the industrial sector especially hard. As a result many factories and other buildings were abandoned by companies that bankrupted. These abandoned spaces turned into new housing solutions for the working and lower classes.

At the time these spaces were extremely economical. Oh my how things have changed! Today these spaces are considered exclusive which is why they are desired by celebrities and famous designers.

What makes industrial interior design so special?

Industrial interior design breaks away from the traditional interiors because it utilizes and embraces the rough conditions and materials of the space in its most basic state.

But what does this mean exactly?

It leaves things like beams, pipes and cables exposed to the open eye! It keeps the space as open as it can be by using as less walls as possible. The higher the ceiling the better.

Roughed up brick walls, cement floors and old big windows are embraced and used as decorative pieces of the design. Concrete, metal and wood

are the most desired materials.

Why do people love the industrial style so much?

Nowadays, the main tendency in interior design and architecture is to break away from the traditional designs and to focus on the more innovative, modern and original solutions to the spaces. Industrial design provides that with innovative up-cycling decorations and modern materials but at the same time embraces the old and the rough!

People LOVE that many things from many different styles have room in an industrial interior. For example you can have your grandmas antiques and a modern painting in the same room. This makes industrial design incredibly versatile which surprisingly makes it family friendly! Yet another reason why we love it!​

How can you make industrial design happen on your own?

The main thing that makes this style so popular is that it can be adapted quite easily. Spaces that don't feature all the basic aspects of this style can be transformed by adding accents of industrial design!

For example if you add industrial looking tubes to the ceiling, or use accessories made of the style's preferred materials you can bring the industrial vibe to life. If you don't have a brick wall or a concrete wall you can install photo wallpaper that gives you the illusion of this material.

Take down the curtains!!! Ideally the windows should be left uncovered but if you need privacy and must have something go with wooden blinds.

Lighting can completely change a space. Things like Spotlights, industrial chandeliers and lamps give you the atmosphere you are looking for almost immediately.

Repurposed furniture and vintage furniture are extremely common in these spaces, because they have a combination of materials (plastic, metal, wood) that help bring the industrial feeling into the room.

We will let the pictures talk for themselves!

Thank you for keeping up with us. Much love,

Ana Maria & Mariajose

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