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Easter, its Origins and Seasonal Easter Décor

Welcome to our Easter Blog!

As you know Easter is around the corner. This is a time where seasonal decorations come into play in many countries around the world especially in Europe, the United States and Canada. I have prepared this Blog to give you some insights and ideas for your decorations. But first let´s talk about the meaning of Easter and how things came to be the way they are.

Most people don’t stop to think that before Christianity came to be, there were what we call Pagan Gods and just as we do now they also had their special celebrations that happened around this time of the year. The versions of why the Easter bunny and the eggs are endless. I´m going to share the one I like best.

The legends talk about Eostre, a pagan Goddess of spring and fertility. According to folklore as spring was approaching Eostre found a bird dying from the cold. She didn´t have the heart to let it die and so she turned it into a Rabbit so that its fur would keep it warm. Although the bird was now a bunny it would still lay eggs, and in some versions of this story the bunny would paint the eggs and offer them to Eostre to show its loyalty and gratitude.

Many believe that the word Easter derives from the word Eostre and that as Christianity took over Europe the pagan celebrations and traditions were adapted to fit its celebrations. It is important to mention that there are also many Christian stories about the origins of the easter eggs!

One of them says that on the third day after Christ´s dead Mary Magdalena brought hard boiled eggs when she and others went to visit the tomb. When the tomb was opened and they realized that He wasn´t there the eggs turned bright red. Many believe this is maybe the reason why we dye eggs on Easter. I´ll let you decided which kind of story you like best.

Talking about egg dyeing, there are so many ways you can decorate eggs and your home! I think we can divide them into two categories:

Traditional Easter Decorations

Traditional Easter decorations include very colorful eggs decorated with animals hearts or flower designs and with ribbons and strings. Many of them can be arranged into vases and wreaths, or hanged from stems. The pastel colors play an important role especially the green, the yellow and pink. Fabrics with solid pastel colors or with stripes and checkerboard as well as traditional white are predominant when arranging tables. Around the house you can find rabbits with ribbons around their necks in a bed of hay. Here you can see some examples we found interesting.

Modern Easter Decorations

Modern Easter decorations embrace metallic colors especially copper silver and gold. The pastel colors are mostly discarded and replaced either by very bright colors or by white black and grey. The patterns utilized to decorate the eggs is changed by introducing geometric designs, marble combinations or text. Feathers with painted designs can also be used to decorate the eggs and give a 3D design. People also use Sharpies and markers to make modern designs! The bunnies are simplified to just a silhouette and given a solid color, mainly white but also greys silvers and golds.

Here you can see some ideas we found for you if you are interested to give the modern Easter décor a go.

As always thank you keeping with me throughout this post. Let me know your thoughts on the origins of the Easter Bunny and the whole modern spin on the decorations.

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Here is is a table we decorated. We hope you like it.

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