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Our Top Hospitality Designs to see around the world!

If you are an interior design lover and a passionate traveler, there are many ravishing hotels with luxurious and interesting interiors around the world for you to see! Nowadays incredible hospitality interior design can be seen everywhere at incredible lobbies, bedrooms, restaurants, and so much more. There is nothing more exciting than staying at a hotel that makes your stay unforgettable. When the design factor exceeds your expectations from the very first sight, and lets you be inspired by its amazing interiors your trip becomes memorable and much more special.

Capturing the wow factor, here we have a our favourite list of some of the top hospitality interior design projects from hotels around the world. We hope you like it!

The St Regis Shenzhen, China

The St Regis Shenzhen has a modern and luxurious style with beautiful decorations. The Hotel lobby has a surprise factor with its amazing lightning fixtures and wonderful wall decor.

Hotel Vagabond , Singapore

Once you get past the entrance, you see a red Persian inspired dramatic interior, where you can see gold leafed trees rising up to the ceiling.

Each room in the hotel has a different room layout, they all have wooden flooring, and interesting designed wooden screens decorated with floral motifs.

Hotel Tragara Capri, Italy

With its elegant and lovely choice of color palette, this space inspires the viewer with its character. The gold and black act as contrast colors complementing the furniture choices and patterns all around,

Palazzo Versace, Dubai, UAE

If you are a fan of Versace Home Collection, this is the place to go. The astonishing golden columns, mosaics, marble, and of course Versace signature, are important elements in the design of this hotel lobby and rooms. The color palette contains four main colors: , beige, turquoise, blue and salmon.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This hotel is built to capture the seafaring heritage, designed to look like a billowing sail. The hotel interiors, however, give a vibrant and powerful colors flanked by golden columns which screams opulence and luxury. The main elements in its interior design are, gold leafs and 30 types of marble.

The hotel room suite color palette is blue, deep red and bright yellow, with oversized furniture, and gold elements, even the TV and espresso machine are gold.

Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This hotel has a fresh and contemporary design, mixed with the original feature of the building. It has an open spaces , clean lines, and muted pastel colour palette of settled lime green, light blue, deep yellow, and purple.

Sir Adam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This Hotel is considered the hub for artists and new media, the lobby has a lot of colors showing the funky side of design. Hotel rooms share a variety of greys, and richly grained woods, with retro vibes, that inspire your imagination.

Aman Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

This contemporary hotel design has a minimal interior , that shows clean lines and pure texture. Some elements in the design taps into Japanese heritage with its traditional main elements such as wood, stone and paper. The layout is cleverly planned to create loose boundaries between the lobby, lounge, restaurants and the bar with tall partitions. Flower seasonal changing arrangements are in the centre stage designed dramatically while surrounded by water and rock gardens, under a very high ceiling. Large glass walls allow the visitor to emerge him/herself in to the beautiful sights of Tokyo.

Keemala Phuket, Thailand

The Kameela Hotel gives the illusion of a sweet magical village. You see teardrops shaped tree-houses hanging between the trees like giant Christmas bubbles. The Interior of the rooms are slick with elements of cherry wood, charcoals, and netted beds. The bathrooms have dramatic designs, with giant mosaic floors and indoor- outdoor showers.

Shangri-La Hotel Toronto, Canada

This hotel is considered the hub for the wealthy and for those who want to have an elegant experience. The Shangri-La Toronto is a magnet for people from the worlds of arts and culture, business and finance. It is famous for its worldwide décor, of Asian style, rich wood, silk walls, bold patterns, and unique museum-worth art pieces.

The lobby has a cozy warm tone color scheme, with a long vibrant fireplace. The rooms however, are asian inspired with geometric patterns and muted neutral tones. The overlook is glamorous and cozy.

The Whitby

New York, United States

This hotel interior design is like a celebration of art and design. There are a lot of art works , huge murals, and giant sculptures. The fabrics and elaborately-printed wallpapers look very luxurious.

The Whitby hotel rooms has individual spacious and elegant designs, the designer used more than 150 different fabrics, which makes them unique.

We could keep going with this list because there are so many lovely designed hotels to see around the world. The styles vary from one city to another. Some hotels are designed for business travelers, and the others are for holiday destinations, and some can be both too. Hotels are even considered main attractions for curious explorers and culture addicts. So which one would you would like to visit on your next trip? Let us know what kind of hotels do you like to go to in the comments bellow.

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