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Halloween Decoration Tips


We have officially said goodbye to Summer! Autumn has finally arrived with cooling temperatures, the tree leaves beginning to change their color and the best part halloween is just around the corner!

We are surrounded with beauty and amazing fall decorations at this time of the year. Therefore, its time for you to start thinking about decorating your home for the season and this amazing spooky holiday. To help you have the best halloween decor experience we have prepared this blog where we will share with you some tips, ideas and color schemes that will help you impress everyone this fall season.


Black is the basic color for terror and therefore it is always good to use it as a starting point of your decoration ideas. This neutral color is full of charisma, elegance and also inspires mysterious feelings. You can also mix it with other colors such as gold, purple, orange, white, red etc. and it will give you instantly a different vibe.

Here are some Halloween Decorations done nicely with the color black.


The use of skeletons always conveys a halloween message. Not only do they provide a scary vibe, but also come in all sort of decorative items and colors. From standing figures to flower vases they range in colors and sizes. The sky is the limit when it comes to skulls and skeletons just let your imagination run wild. You will find in the pictures bellow ideas on how to get creative with using skeletons in your design. Skulls are also very multifunctional you just have to think outside the box!


As we all know pumpkins are the key element to Halloween, not only are they in season and come in those beautiful fall colors but also you can find them in all shapes and materials!!!! Nonetheless who says they need to be orange or real? We can paint them and create different color palettes for your design rather than just using orange and black! Just like picking a costume imagination and creativity are important here. Go nuts with colors this will add an extra touch to your design. You can use paint, fabric, textured napkins, magazines, the sky is the limit!